We are One Family Under God.

In celebration of the Inaugural Launch and Forum of Global Peace Women Malaysia.
Sponsored by Mary Kay

For the first time in Malaysia.

I was kindly invited to this event and Dato’ Mahadzir Lokman was the MC too on this night. It was held at Sunway Resort and Spa Malaysia. There were many different cultural performances from all over the world as we celebrated the launch of Global Peace Women Malaysia and of course we also had delicious Malaysian food throughout the night.  I got to meet alot of people from overseas as well as the women representatives from different countries who attended the launch.
The moto of Global Peace Festival goes as “We Are One Family Under God”…. Truly beautiful phrase right there to celebrate unity. Every year the Global Peace Festival takes place in a different country. Lots to be said about the festival… I know I had a very good introduction to what it was all about.

This celebration in Malaysia was to focus on Women as mothers, sisters, nieces,friends…. and how in this day and age we are so much more than just a “woman”. It is to celebrate our equality as well. :) If you’d like to know more about the Global Peace Festival/Forums… go to… www.globalpeacefestival.org

Thanks goes out to Dato’Mahadzir Lokman for some of the pictures.



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