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Amazing Thailand

After being crowned Miss Tourism International for 2011/2012 I was kindly invited by Leisure Travel Magazine to represent them on a journey to Thailand on behalf of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).  These unimaginable adventurous through Hatyai, Trang, Satun, Koh Lipe and the islands of Tarutao left me awed and I would definitely love to make a trip back there again some time ( fingers crossed ).

If you’re looking for a holiday destination filled with .. scenery of mother nature, endless outdoor and water activities and yet still be able to adore comfortable hotels and spa’s… Southern Thailand could be a place for you too! It definitely was for me as i enjoy the outdoors very much.

Below are a few of the places i was able to visit with TAT and a group of individual writers and travel agents!! :

I will share my experience and some of thephotographs here as ia am also writing an article for

Leisure Travel Magazine so sadly, I can’t reveal all of the splendoures just yet.. So do keep posted to my blog and the updates will be outsoon.

Here we go for now!


Ko Muk Island and Tham Morakat
Fancy a boat to an island with its secret gem?  Trang, a province in South West Thailand facing the Adaman Sea is where you can find one of the most visited places in the region. Ko Muk Island is known for its crystal clear waters and…. Tham Morakat, also known as The Emerald Cave.

The Emerald cave is situated inside this island and the only way to enter is during low tide as the water gives way to a small entrance. Of course, there were life guards who prepped us on how we should go about doing so and guided us all the way through and so we formed a human train in the water whilst holding onto the back of each persons life jacket!  woohoo. Once we were swimming inside (which by the way take extra caution as its very dark and narrow) I did feel some kind of stinging sensation around my arms and legs and only later did i realize it was baby jellyfish (eyes wide open), not to worry though, no harm done! 🙂 As you reach the other side, you can see the  light glistening on the water and gradually you come into a vast circular arena like of green trees, white sandy beach with clear crystal water and as you look above the skies and sun are seen peering through the round ceiling.




Next up… Phu Pa Phet Cave in Manang, Satun (2 hours drive away from Trang).
In order to reach the cave I had to walk up some very steep stairs..  I didn’t mind the uphill climb though. I enjoy being out in the open since I could walk. When I was a little girl my dad use to take me jungle trekking at least once every year so no problemo. Although, of course, its not easy, go at your own pace!
At the top,the entrance and exit of the cave was a small opening. I wasn’t quite sure if I could fit through and knowing me and small places, our relationship is never smooth. So, what did I do? I went for it and noo i didn’t get stuck. I was able to make it through quite unlady likely considering the position of my arms and legs (haha) but nevertheless it was all good fun and Im sure you will too. The moment you step up inside the cave.. its humongous. Well, of course! Phu Pa Phet is known to be the 4th largest cave in South East Asia, so I have learnt. Be thrilled to experience a journey through the dark caves with sparkling diamond rock all abstractly glued to its caves walls.

Like every fascinating destination,there is always a story behind it. Phu Pa PHet cave is said to have been founded by a Monk who came to a nearby village in Satun to meditate. Whilst meditating, he had a vision of the cave  inside the mountain. With this, he told the local people and blessed them as they searched for the cave.This cave many years ago was filled with water. Hence, when you’re walking through it, you will notice some of the diamond rocks are very much coral like in shape and texture. It was a very different experience compared to the Batu Caves in Malaysia.





Koh Hin Ngam

Koh Hin Ngam, is a small island in the south of Koh Adang and one of the island of tarutao, which compromises of mountains of black glossy stones which glisten in the water and have a black diamond effect when wet.  This island is completely piled with these stones and have a very strang effect on you, so they (locals) say. Ever thought of pebbles and stones as decorations for your garden or pond at home? I know you wouldn’t be taking any of these rocks home. Legend has it that anyone who takes the stones from this island back to their homes, never get good sleep or sleep at all. Really? I thought to myself..Sp0o0oky much! Note: take extra care when walking upon the stones.



If you’re wondering why the stones are pilled up this way.. I was told that people build the rock castle and make a wish. The energy of the stones acts as a device signaling to the energies of mother nature.

The Maldives of Thailand.
This particular island is known as such. Why? You’ll just have to make a trip over to comprehend what I mean. It was breath taking not just for the eye to see but plenty of activities throughout the day and night as well. Like every island I had visited during my trip to Thailand , this one too hadcrystal clear watersan white sndy beaches  and of course the modern luxurious infrastructurlinseed across the coast. Ohhh what a piece of heaven I thought. I had the chance to stay and wine and dine  comfortable at the Sita REsort and Spa and the bhuddaya resort located 5 minute walk from each other. Thefoods was excellent!!!  Thai cuisine of course” and I love how tom yam always seems to make my mouth water, literally. Things to do at night: there are plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach as well as massage parlors parked along the beach. Koh lipe also has a “Walking Street” which is a long stretch of restaurants, bars and shops!!! wohoo.






 Lantern Festival






It was an adventours and funfilled experience here in Thailand. I appreciate all the company I had too.
Thank You TAT for giving me these memories which will last a lifetime.

Pictures were taken via Lumix Panasonic GF 3 Camera.
Thank you very much to Panasonic for enabling me to capture all of my experiences.
– watch out for my article in Leisure Travel Magazine Malaysia.


Winnie Sin of Rafflesia kindly organized a friendship dinner for Puan Sri Norainee Abdul Rahman. Wife of deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin along with the 8 woman ambassadors in Malaysia. These ambassadors countries  from: France, Spain, Cambodia ,Ecuador, Argentina, Iraq, Austria, Russia, and Turkey.

I was honored to be part of this event which took place at Favola (8th floor), Le Meridien hotel. Myself and 3 other models took part in the event wearing Malaysian Designers such as Salikin Sidek and Keith Kee. The 3 models were Amber Chia, Kelly Jagan Ford supermodel 2010, Wafa de Korte AMFA Best Model 2012. Along with their beautiful dresses we modeled Rafflesia jewelry and one by one we paraded through the room portraying Malaysia’s finest to all the ambassadors and distinguished guests. Many of them were awed at the details on the dresses and jewelery. It was a very intimate space as we were very close to the audience. There was also live entertainment throughout the night by Amanda Imani and Izzlyn.

Others present at the dinner were: the very friendly co-ordinator Bill Bora, Mr. Flamboyant aka Kee Kua Chee, Jimmy Choo, Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr Susan Cheah, Robert and Lee Lee Loh (owners of Lord’s Tailor), Puan Sri Esther Tan, Dato Ann Eu, Puan Sri Cecilia Lim. The designers Salikin Sidek and Keith Kee.

Not only did I get the chance to model and wear beautiful gowns and sparkling jewelry, I also had the pleasure of joining all the guests at the dinner feasting on Malaysian fine dinning cuisine. Very delicious by the way. I also got to mingle with the other guests and models up until the end of the night. I thought it was very nice of Winnie Sin to have organize such a friendly dinner event celebrating fashion and friendship at the the same time.
Thank you Rafflesia for having me.

*dont have many pics, i didn’t bring my camera with me*sobs*

Smile for the camera









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