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Moraglione 1922, Poh Kong “World of Luxury”

The launch of Moraglione 1922 by Poh Kong took place end of August thought Merdeka Day /early September  and was held in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.
The launch of the roadshow began with a Musical on the history of Moraglione from the founder Massimo Morgalione to the different categories of jewels
under the Moraglione 1922 Collection. The following days consisted of Fashion Shows and performances by local artistes!
-I played the role of an executive sales woman, yes, i did sing 😛

Below are some pictures from my experience.

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A couple months back, i was given the oppurtunity to organize Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 Grand Finals. I thought it as exciting and a challenging task. I believe we can only grow for the better through challenges. yes yes? 🙂

I was an amazing oppurtunity for me to learn how a pageant is constructed from A-Z. In specific, an immense amount of teamwork!  It was a huge learning experience for me and i was able to learn the fundamentals as well as meet the many individual influences in the retail and production industry.

I created Gabriella Productions International (GPI) under Shall We Dance Sdn Bhd (my dance studio).

Pre-production took about 3 months and the pageant was held from the 3rd of July until the 14th at the Official Residence which was Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang (Thank you so much for homing us for all those days). The Grand Finals were held on the 13th of July and was themed “Colours of Malaysia”. 🙂

The days leading up to the Grand Finals, the finalist took part in promotional activites for the sponsors of the pageant as well as charity visits. The visits were aimed to challenge them via communication skills, confidence and catwalk challeges. All these to motivate and boost their confidence before grand final night. They also had lessons on self grooming, motivational classes, catwalk and dance where they learnt the Joget!

Its not easy being an organizer thats for sure. Alot of detailed planning is mandatory and communication with the team and sponsors is very important and the key to progress. Ive learnt alot growing up and from theatre and film school. The valuable lessons ive kept with me is that : one is not known just for their success and achievements but more so for the people one brings with them in achieving those achievements = TEAMWORK! I couldnt have achieved it alone or have succeeded during the pageant i took part in on my own. I had the support of my country, designers, groomers, my family, friends.. And this is something the new Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 will also learn in due time of course.. 🙂

I wish all the finalist the very best in their future edaveours. Stay positive in life and always face challenges with a smile as there are always solutions to everything. I only know from experience of course. Persevere and stay headstrong. Be humble and sincere always.

Here are some pictures of the the pageant and the finalists and myself journey through Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012.

Thank you for taking your time in reading my post! 🙂















Malaysian Book of Records

Anything is possible….

With Yg Bhg Dato ‘Nelson Kwok, President of the Malaysian Retail Chains Association (MRCA) and founder of Nelson’s Corn. Also one of the sponsors for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 Grand Finals. Thank you Dato.

Yg Bhg Datuk Danny Ooi and the Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culutre Yg Bhg Senator Datuk  Maglin Dennis D’Cru

... Yg Bhg Datuk Danny Ooi and the Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culutre Yg Bhg Senator Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz


it has been  a while since my last post. i promise very soon there will be more updates.

For the time being, i have been busy organising the grand finals of Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012/2013. handling a big production such as this one is not an easy task. challenging more so which is always a good learning and absorbing alot from this experience.

we are now one week away before the finalist check into the official hotel. tomorrow is the final production meeting. exciting! my background in theatre and film production has definitely added to the basics of handlinng a production such as this one.

i will reveal more later on in the week as to whom are our sponsors anddd the finalists are!

who is going to be to be the next Miss Malaysia 2012/13 to repressent us at the international stage? jeng jeng jeng… we’ll wait and see..