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Anugerah Ibu Kiwanis Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Anugerah Ibu Kiwanis Annual Awards night and dinner took place about a week ago at the Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang. The annual dinner is made in conjunction with Mother’s Day to raise funds to help special mothers and their children. Being a member of Kiwanis Club TTDI, I was able to attend this function to help raise some funds for the centre over at TTDI. Also manage to get Bata to sponsor some of the gifts which were shoes for the young children of Kiwanis TTDI. Thank you very much  them and to Dato James Selvaraj from Bata for being really supportive.Special mothers too were all awarded for their hardwork (effects of down syndrome/autism) and perseverance. Despite their unfortunate states they are still able to take care of their young.  Every year I have performed for their dinners, this year I was able to get a group of dancers from my academy to put up an energetic movement piece. I’d like to thank Datin Jennifer Fernandez who is the chairperson of this particular club and of course the entire team (teachers and members) for their kind invitation for welcoming Shall We Dance Sdn Bhd and myself to come in every year the past 4 years. I’d also like to thank my parents who helped   me in makimg a personal donation to Kiwanis Club TTDI.

Some still shots of the dinner and awards night with some of the mothers and supporters of Kiwanis are here below. A friend of mine was kind enough to capture some of the moments shared. (i should proobably try and get her to accompany me on my next visit to the centre to show you more next time….!!

With the mothers on stage

Kiwanis Mothers

when you can make others smile.. defo memories to keep.

All smiles :)