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Hello again everyone, I have been on the go travelling to 2 countries back to back. Will be updating my blog soon on these two destinations. Keep posted! ūüôā

Having A Blast Down under

In all excitement I couldn’t wait for my 2nd destination as Miss Tourism International hehehe. It was all in good timing and a big surprise as it was a trip to Melbourne, Australia. Straight away memories of my university years came back… I couldn’t wait to go back and visit.

Australia is very much similar to Malaysia in the sense that we both consist of a unique blend of populace living in democracy. Their original inhabitants known as the Aboriginals.. like we have back home too, add to the culture and they have been living in Australia up to about 60 000 years (so i read on the internet). I also observed that they are very family orientated. Parents always find time to spend with their kids and of course Aussie’s are very laid-back and love to relax after a long week at work. Opportunities between men and women are equal. There’s no gender above the other. There’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the practice of peacefulness is portrayed everyday. My opinion… everyone was really.. really friendly.. no doubt about that. The variety of food… speechless!!! Of course as all other countries we should all respect the different laws too. Back home we tend to cross the roads which ever way we seek possible whereas here there is no such thing. Follow the traffic lights! hehe English is the national language and taught in school. Australians are very big on the sports scene as well as the arts. One of the reasons Im so drawn to this city is because of my love for the arts. Its everywhere. I love it because I believe its in art where we can influence others, teach others and open their hearts to the better good.

So… here’s a little bit about my trip down under.

8 hours flight from Malaysia and touch down in Melbourne International Airport, the weather… low sun, cool winds and fresh air… bliss. For my first 3 days of my stay, I checked in at Rendezvous Hotel on Flinders Street, popularly known for Flinders Train Station, Federation Square and the Australian Centre of Moving Image. Trams and the Flinders Train station are just outside the doorstop so it was easy to travel. Right after checking in I headed towards Degrave Lane for a wonderfully big western brunch along with my all time favorite.. Chai Latte. There’s something I admire about the narrow lanes which often are filled with restaurants,cafes, stores and sometimes even lots of ¬†street art work. The ambience is something I hardly find back home. It was all good conversations, coffee and to sit back and relax and enjoying the social ambience the Melbourne way.

Degrave Lane

Visiting Melbourne in Autumn is definitely a good time of the year to do so. I say this as Autumn is one of my favourite seasons along with Spring and also besides Summer, it’s an exciting season filled with many different events in Melbourne Victoria. Some of the events which take place this year in Autumn are…:

-The comedy festival celebrating their 26years in running. Shows run every night for 3 weeks.
¬†-The L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival took place on the (8-15th March). It brings about some of Melbournes best creations from emerging designers.
-Melbourne food and wine festival (2nd- 21st of March). This year it was the 20th birthday celebration for this event which took place at the riverside and then continued throughout the region of Victoria.
-An event which we don’t get much of back home conceits of flowers. To experience really intricate and displays of flowers then you should gotown to the Melbourne international flower and garden show (28th March – 1 April).
-The Formula One Australian Grand Prix (15th-18th March).
-Ironman Melbourne
For the first time there will be an Ironman event will be held in metropolitan Melbourne with the Ironman Asia Pacific championships.
-Along the Great Ocean Road will be the famous Rip Curl Pro (3rd-13th ¬†April) at Bells Beach. If you’re headed this way be sure to check out the beautiful Torquay Beach as well. I have been here once about 2 years ago.. It was breath taking and oh soo relaxing.
Other things you can do…
-Dine in the sky at Vue De Monde!!!
My mate use to be a chef here and he suggested this place. The food should be as amazing as the view of Melbourne. This restaurant is located up high at 55 storey’s above the city. A two course lunch should cost about Aud $ 60.
-Spend an afternoon exploring the city laneways and the different arcades. These lanes are known for their art and delicious cafes. Poster art, street art, graffiti painting etc etc.
-Head over to Chinatown and feast at Hutong Dumpling Bar. I loveeeee loveeeee Dumplings. I suggest if you’re over in Melbourne, you have to make a trip over here for lunch. ¬†It is so delicious. Urbanspoon also suggested it and of course as did my brother and I trust his taste in food. So do make a trip over and dine here. Haha
-Jump on a tram from Flinders station and go all the way towards St Kilda Beach. They have a long stretch of shop restaurants cafe and bars. Head over to Galleon cafe for brunch walk down acland street. I actually like chilling on this street.Try the desserts or even have a beer and relax taking in the fresh sea breeze too.
-Checkout and the
Think Local, Act Global
–bluebicycles are situated along sidewalks of the city. Hire oand instead of a car hehe…
— get around using the public transport system such as the Melbourne iconic trams ( this is how Itravelled too). Therough throughout the CBC and the inner suburbs.
Give back…. Voluontourism is a big sector in the industry.
Give it a go and check it out at ūüôā
Ontap – water bottles are recycled and reused. You can always refill a bottle of water anywhere and you can drink from the tap. Another way of saving up and reducing disposal, just order water on tap when your at a restaurant, cafe or bar ūüôā ¬†or check out keepcups for recyclable good quality coffee cups,
Try keep showers short as there’s are water restrictions and try savebeater by hanging towel used towel for a second use rather than leaving it not the floor for laundry. Every drop of water counts!!
Some other things I did do whilst in Australia which I was able to capture!! Note to self : always charge camera overnight!


Moomba Festival

Moomba festival is held annualy over the long Labour day weekend and is a community and family festival which is held by the City of Melbourne Council.
Why the festival? Here in Melbourne back in 1951 they celebrated 50 long yeard of federation and the theatre production which took place that year was called “An Aboriginal Moomba: Out of the Dark”.¬† The City Development Association and the Melbourne City Council then proposed to name the Festival Moomba festival when Queen Elizabeth II visited the city.

This festival consists of live bands, river activities take place on the Yarra River such as water skiing and riverfloats as well as fun family games and of course food!
It was colourful everywhere with many different game booths and food parlours as I walked through the festival. EXCITING! Check out some of the rides they had!
As you walk through the park by the Yarra River you can see different parts of the city.
How I wish I was a kid again! I could have experienced the adventure in there!
And of course, if you get hungry, there are plenty of different sorts of food vendors.. Nandos anyone…?
:p I wasn’t able to win anything. haha.

Visit to the aquarium
This was my second time visiting the aquarium. My first time was back in December 2010. I just had to come back to see the penguins and other sea animals. There’s something relaxing about watching sea life. Maybe when I’m older and I have more time at home I would probably have my own little aquarium. Melbournes’ Aquarium is situated in the city along the Yarra river and faces Flinders
Melbourne Aquarium ūüôā
Now that’s a whole load of Jelly Fish!

Mr. Octopus… They said he was a very shy fella who hardly came out of his small lil hidding spot in the tank. I got lucky to see him out.

Male Seahorse… you know the why. hehe

Hardware Lane
Lets talk about food! Ooh delicious food!
Hardware Societe is a comfy indoor and outdoor cafe located on Hardware Lane through Little Lonsdale (if my memory is right). It’s the place to go for a wide variety of western style (spanish/french) food. I went about 11am for brunch and the menu consisted of many sorts of baked eggs, chorizo, tomato, braised lamb, muesli, chicken blanchette and other delicious condiments and o0o…. Not forgetting the coffee, tea and chocolate drinks they serve too. I was told by a friend that they mix up their menu from time to time to enhance their costumers tastebuds. My brother too who now lives over there also recommended this place as he found it to be the number one place to go to on Urbanspoon. so… I gave it a shot. Outcome… Sooo good and sooo sooo full, i had to relax a few minutes before going about my days activities. ūüôā the staff here were also really friendly and explained well as to what sorts of dishes they had. So.. Take a look at some of the dishes ordered!¬†wonderful cafe interior but most importantly friendly Staff and mouth watering breakfasts.
Landline Number:   03 9078 5992  Address: 118-120 Hardware St Melbourne, Victoria 3000
First thing in the morning.. yummy!

Poached egg in a glass accompanied with chorizo, pickles, slices of bread and other types of meat spreads.
presentation of salt, pepper, sugar etc
chai latte, generous serve of baked eggs with chorizo and a very healthy sandwich made up of capsicum,rockete and baby spinach.

Melbourne Zoo

Zoos Victoria offers experiences at three great zoos: Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, and Werribee Open Range Zoo.
The zoo was a 15 minute drive from the cbd.
Melbourne zoo, Elliot avenue parville, vic 3052
 Tram: take the tram NO. 55 from Williams street
Hungry bear.. waiting for his/her food to arrive…
What’s up Timon? How you going?
mummy koala
baby koala
I wonder why they stroll in a straight line..
...tada! Gotta see kangaroos when you’re on this side of the planet!

Lion king! Haha reminded me othat’s very talkative character.
I really wonder what this Gorilla was thinking about..
This fella is having a good time sleeping! Props for sleeping this way.. I wonder how he/she does it.. I’d get a cramp! Haha.Some Shopping for fresh fresh fresh¬†food and other things..

Lindt 271 Collins Street, Melbourne
Tel: (03) 9667 0900
so.. yummy. You have to try. I love Desserts.

(Ive edited these together) My brother and I came here to feast on some amazing cakes! ūüôā
Easter Bunnies
                                        Eureka Tower, Skydeck88Get to experience the amazing views from one of the heighest point in the Southern Hemisphere of Melbourne.
It is the worlds only edge experience.. I was quite scared at first, i wasnt quite sure what would happen as a mate joked as said it would turn upside down.. so silly. nothing like that at all though. Basically, I stood in a glass cube which projected 3 meters away from the building and the floor being completely glass felt like i was standing in the skies. Other things to look forward to was the Terrace. Basically going outdoor onto a balcony to view and experience the winds 300 meters off the ground. loved it. You can also experience the different soundscapes and sights created to enhance your experience. There’s also a cafe up there and a store below. This tower is also known to have the fastest lifts in the Southern Hemisphere!
The views were breath taking. I just had to take in all in as I very much so adore  Melbourne.
More.. other things..
More delicious food…
and more..
and more.. this was at Mekhong Vietnamese Restaurant on Swanston Street.
and…. if you’re missing some Malaysian food, there is……….
Paparich at QV mall on Swanston Street
Other things you can see and enjoy in Melbourne are..
             Luna park located on St.Kilda Beach
Big purse located on Bourke Street just outside Myer.
Shopping on Bourke Street
Strolling in the city of Melbourne.
Street Art
Strange men. haha jokes. There’s actually a name for him.. i cant quite recall at the moment. will get back to you!

The Clock tower in Melbourne Central
If you have the time which i think you should make time for haha.. you have to have to have to go down to the Waterfront, Docklands. I really like this place…
Something about the sea and infrastructure merging together and you can relax, enjoy the views and the fresh air … shop.. eat? haha
Melbourne Shopping Centre
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Doncaster Shopping Centre
Chapel Street
Bourke Street
Bridge Road
Collins street
Melbourne Shopping Centre
Arcades in the city
South Wrath DFO
so… many places to shop!

Great Ocean Road….. <3

or.. take a drive towards Mornington Peninsular for a relaxing gateway of landscape and fresh air. I loved it here.Brighton Beach

Some “small” places.

We all love traveling to new places and enjoy ¬†relaxation and activities with comfort during our holidays. So I thought why not share some of the, note: “Small” luxury hotels around the world. I received a book from my mum after she had gone overseas and stayed at one of the residencdes under the book called ¬†“Small Luxury Hotels Around The World”. So, I’ve got the book right infront of me and I’ve randomly picked just a few of the different places to share with everyone. Will put more as we go along.

 Pacific Resort Aitutaki
Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Australia

Polynesian style bungalows overlooking the beautiful lagoon and sandy beaches. This resort  also provides sun filled activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kite boarding, kayaks,croquet. As well as wonderful massages and beauty therapy.

Tel: +682 31720
Address: Amuri, Aitutaki


The Oberoi Vanyavilas
Rajasthan, India
The jungle home of tigers. (This reminds me of  Jungle Book hehe)
Found on the tiger reserves of Ranthambore. Amazing exotic wildlife and elephant rides.
Need to relax after the adventure?  Not to worry.
There’s a holistic spa with yoga and a library bar also located at this hotel.

T el: +91 (0)07462223999    Email:
Address: Ranthambore Road, Sawai Madhopur,

Sun Rocks
Santorini, Greece.
“Dramatic, Dreamy and Seductive”, endless views of the
Aegean Sea and the Volcanic Islands.Poolside bar and dinning, massages,
wine tasting,spa and gym available! Nearby you can fin wineries,
tavernas,Cycladic architecture, volcanic islands and Akrotiri.

Tel: +30 2286 023 241
Address: Firostefani, 84700 Santorini

The Fortress Resort and Spa
Galle, Sri Lanka

Interior styled after Galle’s historic Dutch Fort.
Be  relaxed with landscape gardens overlooking the Indian Ocean, and enjoy
Sri Lankan cooking with endless amounts of seafood or even learn how to
cook with the chef here at Fortress. Things to do and also catch when
you’re here are the turtle hatchery, elephant sanctuaries anddd… whale watching!

Tel: +94 (0) 91 4389400   Email:
Address: PO Box 126, Galle, Koggala, Habaraduwa

Hotel Punta Tragara
Capri Italy

Ever heard of the Capri Islands?! This is it. Only ten minute walk to Capri Village.
Sea and island views from the villa rooms facing the Meditarranean Sea.
There are 2 swimming pools, a restaurant, bar, spa, gym and
of course a tour of the island via boat. In Capri town there are small boutiques,
restaurants and bars,beaches, Anacapri, Blue Grotto, Certosa di San Giacomo.

Tel: +39 081 837 0844   Email:
Address: Via Tragara 57, Capri 80073

Stoke Park
Buckinghamshire, England

Looking for something english and grand? Stoke Park is a mansion built in 1795
with 350 acres of parkland.  It has a 27hole championship  golf course, a spa,
13 tennis courts, gym, indoor pool and cooking demonstrations. Also
nearby is the Windsor Castle, Ascot Racecourse, Thorpe Park, Legoland, Eton College and
of course London itself.  With all the amounts o sports available
you’d defo be losing weight away from home. hehehe

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 717 171   Email:
Address: Park Road, Stoke Poges (Nr Windsor)
Buckinghamshire,SL2 4PG